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We believe one of the best reflection of the Regent Learning Centre is how our students and parents feel. Some of our parents and students share their experiences.

After being a client of Regent Learning Centre for 8 years and receiving consistently outstanding service, all four of my children have enjoyed the courses they have had to offer. Whilst my two older children have benefitted from their GCSE and A level courses, my younger son and daughter have been given the guidance they needed in order to pass their 11+ exams with flying colours. My daughter is happily studying at The Henrietta Barnett School, one of the top performing state schools in the country whilst my younger son has recently been accepted at the Queen Elizabeth Boys School as of national offer day and is looking forward to his new start in September. For all these opportunities we have Regent Learning Centre to thank as they have always had the best interest of their pupils at heart when teaching and have provided outstanding resource materials to maximise children in their learning.

- Shila Sayfi

I would like to express my appreciation and extend my thanks to Charitha and all the teaching faculties for providing expert advice and guidance in directing our son Oliver Jaison throughout Year 9 and onwards to achieve an average A in Maths, Science and English in his GCSEs and an average A in Maths, Further Maths and Physics in his AS Levels. We are very pleased and impressed by his progress after having joined Regent. His achievements would not have been possible without the friendly atmosphere, positive motivation and encouragement to practice and revise more and more at home. Thank you for challenging and bringing confidence in Oliver, he enjoys attending all of the lessons at Regent.

- Mrs. Jaison

Regent had really helped me improve my understanding of maths, science and english with easy access to past papers, experienced tutors and strong motivation to work more from home its no wonder I averaged an A in my GCSEs and AS Levels.

- Oliver Jaison

We want to express our heartfelt thanks for everything you have done for Rio over the past term. We know that he would not have been offered a place at 3 of the most competitive schools in the area if it hadn't been for your expert tuition. Both Rio and Jaden really enjoyed your lessons and stated that even though the work was hard, you made it fun.

- Vanessa & Junior Odofin

Excellent! Very happy!

- Ms Smita Patel

Very good! Enjoy classes very much. Teachers provide practice questions and also go through exam papers with the student. Improved my grade from a D to a B!

- Sonia Patel (AS Student)

My sister and I have attended Regent Learning for the past 2 years for tuition in English, Maths and Science. We have improved in all our subjects. I am in Year 8 and I’m doing better in my school now. My level in Maths went from level 3 to level 5, in Science from level 4 to 6 and in English from level 4 to level 5. My sister, in year 5, has also made excellent improvement. Her level in reading went from 2B to 3C and in writing from 2C to 2B. I find the classes very helpful and get the support from the teachers. I did the CIE primary exam last year and did well. This year I will doing the secondary checkpoint CIE exam which is very good and the teachers are helping me to prepare for it. I also attend the holiday schools which is fun and I learn lots.

- Tanvi Dajee (Year 8)

My daughter has been attending classes at Regent Learning for about 2 months now and I am very pleased with the progress she made so far. She very much enjoys and looks forward to coming to her classes. She is in year 1 and therefore I see a long term relationship with Regent Learning. I have found the centre to give her the necessary support she needs and hope this will continue.

- Mrs Patricia Anamoah

I enrolled my sons, who had come from Spain, in the Summer Holiday School for several weeks in order to help them prepare for the 11+ exam. I was really pleased with the progress that they made whilst there. I decided to continue their tuition on week-ends as well and was very happy with the support the teachers gave them. One of my sons has won a place at our chosen school, QE Boys, and the other is high on the waiting list as well as having gained a place at the Royal Grammar School. I’m really glad I sent them to Regent Learning.

- Mrs Patel

My son is a different child after having attended Regent for a year, more confident and performing well in school. Great work from the Regent Learning Team!

- Mr J Dhaliwal

I really enjoy reading with Mrs Gordon Reid and I get pretty stickers if I have done well!

- S. H. (Nursery)

The staff are all helpful and caring making it a safe and pleasant place for your child to be. Whether you are looking to improve your child’s chances to gain a place at 4+ or not, your child will benefit enormously from the guidance and individual work programme that is set by Mrs Gordon Reid. I am thrilled by the progress that my daughter has made in her reading and writing skills. Even her Montessori has commented on the vast improvement in just under three months.

- Dr H

Regent has a great environment. They provide the best for every pupil in the class. At breaks, we chat for a few minutes then we get back to work. The work is challenging but we are always encouraged that it’s possible. In one year, they brought me to an incredibly high level which helped for my 11+ exams for Aldenham and John Lyon.

- Jay Nathwani (Year 6)

I like doing counting my sums. I like doing English and writing and reading. I like puppets and I like making them in Holiday School. I have lots and lots of friends in Regent.

- Maya Nathwani (Year 1)

I like to read and write with Ms Gordon Reid. Number work is fun. I like Holiday School; it is great fun.

- Monica Selzer (Reception)

Thank you very much for teaching Monica in the last two years. Her success at Haberdashers’ Aske’s for Girls is your success too.

- Dr E Selzer


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