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International Holiday School

The International Holiday School, aimed at pupils from overseas, runs in conjunction with our standard Holiday School. The difference is that the students work solely on English throughout the day with the objective of improving and perfecting both written and spoken English.

Course Information

Children of ages 6-16 are welcome and are requested to send a sample of their work before starting the programme so that we can understand their ability and group them accordingly.

This programme is particularly in demand with students from European countries where fluency in English is a valuable skill given the dominance of the language within Europe. It is also a popular programme for children from former British colonies where the English language and a British education are held in high regard.


Students undergo formal instruction reinforced by practice and repetition. The students will work through a series of books which target all areas of the English language and become progressively harder. Students are encouraged to interact as much as possible, both with their teachers and with other students.


This programme runs only during July and August.

To apply and for further information, please contact us today!


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