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Entrance Exam Preparation

Our Entrance Exam Preparation Programme prepares pupils for entry into independent and grammar schools and caters for children sitting the 4+, 5+, 7+ and 11+ and entrance examinations as well as non-standard entry.

North-west London has some of the highest ranking schools in the UK according to the league tables. Such schools are always over-subscribed and the competition to gain a place can be extremely fierce.

It is essential therefore that children have been thoroughly prepared for these challenging entrance exams.

Even if your child is not actually sitting these exams, they can achieve and work at the level of the top independent schools through our programmes.

Course Information

  • 4+
    The 4+ assessment is increasing in popularity as parents have become aware that getting children into a popular independent school becomes increasingly difficult if left to the 11+.
  • 5+
    The 5+ offers children a chance to get their child into the independent school structure at an early age. With places available at 7+ decreasing, this is a sensible option if you don’t want to wait till 11+.
  • 7+
    This exam is becoming less common as an entry point. As such places are harder to come by and pupils must achieve a very high standard to win one of the coveted places. We offer a programme of English, Maths, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning to prepare.
  • 11+
    The 11+ examination is taken by students wishing to obtain entry into the senior school at independent schools or into a grammar school. The shift from primary to secondary education marks a significant change and is the prime time that pupils look to move schools.


Please refer to individual programme information.


Entrance Exam Preparation Programmes run after school during the week and on Saturdays during term time. We recommend a minimum of one hour per subject per week.

To apply and for further information, please contact us today!


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