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Interview on Sunrise Radio on Regent Learning Centre

Nirajh Nelson, Business Development Manager, Regent Learning Centre and Genevieve Osborne-James – Centre Manager, Regent Learning Centre – Southall were on air on Sunrise Radio on 26th October, discussing after school tuition and Regent Learning Centre. In the interview they discussed when parents start thinking about providing extra tuition support for their children, how students will benefit from tuition centres, changes to national curriculum and the impact on learners in Primary and Secondary school, what courses Regent Learning Centre offers and what has made us successful. Listen to the full interview here.


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Interview on Summer Holiday Schools on Sunrise Radio

Nirajh Nelson, Summer Holiday School Manager, Regent Group, interviewed with Sunrise Radio on holiday schools on 29th June, 2017. In the interview he discussed what a holiday school is, the benefits of a holiday school as opposed to other childcare options on summer and how to choose the right summer holiday school for children. Listen to the full interview here.


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Regent Group acknowledges with sadness the tragic events in Manchester

We stand in solidarity with all those affected by the tragic events in Manchester. Education is the key to changing mind-sets.

half mast England flag

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Regent Group acknowledges with sadness the distressing events in Westminster

Regent Group acknowledges with sadness the distressing events in Westminster on Wednesday 22nd March 2017. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. Through education we continue to work towards a more tolerant and accepting world community.

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Grand opening ceremony of iRegent Learning Centre

On the afternoon of Saturday 10th October 2015, Harrow’s newest and most exciting educational venture opened its doors for the first time as Regent Group launched its latest initiative, iRegent. iRegent is a centre offering supplementary tuition, but unlike many other centres in the locality, it is unique in offering tuition in a blended learning format. Blended learning combines the very best of digital learning content with the guidance of a real-life iTutor who guides and supports the online learning process. Students are assessed on joining, have digital tasks allocated by a qualified teacher, and are re-assessed at regular intervals to ensure progress is being made.

The long-awaited opening ceremony took place at the new centre, located just a couple of minutes’ walk from Rayners Lane station and welcomed Lord Dolar Popat as the Guest of Honour. The event was also attended by prominent local councillors as well as other key community members, Regent Group staff, and of course, members of the public who wanted to look at the state-of-the-art facilities where children were busy trialling the new programmes with much gusto.

Regent Learning Centre is a branch of north-west London based education group, Regent Group offers a complete range of educational services, ranging from childcare to adult education. Its supplementary education provision, Regent Learning Centre has been offering traditional tuition classes and private tuition since the turn of the millennium but has now enhanced its range of products to include this exciting new concept.

The opening ceremony was led by Group CEO, Mr Selva Pankaj, who led a tour of the stunning new facilities, followed by speeches from Lord Popat and other eminent guests and Mr Pankaj himself. After a photo session, the event culminated in a very welcome banquet of refreshments.

CarmineCourt-065 CarmineCourt-127

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Regent Learning Centre nominated for the EducationInvestor Awards 2015

Regent Learning Centre is proud to have been nominated as a finalist in the ‘Private tuition centre operator’ category at the EducationInvestor Awards 2015. The EducationInvestor Awards recognises outstanding contributions and achievements in the business of learning. The awards ceremony will be held on 11 November at London.


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iRegent Learning Centre to open in October 2015

Regent Learning Centre is in the process of launching iRegent blended learning for children from ages 5 to 16. Our blended learning programme will combine the best of in-person classroom based education with digital content, making learning a fun experience for children. English, Maths, Science and Computing tuition will be provided.

The construction and furnishing work of our new iRegent Learning Centre is nearing completion. This modern 21st learning facility for students will be open from October 2015 at Rayners Lane, Harrow.

The iRegent Learning Centre will be operate 7 days a week after school during term-time and during holidays. The centre will assist students with English, Maths, Science and Computing. Children can attend the centre up to twice a week; each child takes a monthly membership and can visit the centre on a drop in basis, with each session lasting one hour. Our monthly membership is £120 and each additional hour is £10.

We call our drop in sessions, “an educational gym.” Our educational gym will enable children to boost their confidence in their subject and learn how to learn in the digital world of technology.

infants area final E-it room final

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Education – My Perspective – by Assad Shamsi, a tutor at our Tuition Centre in Harrow

It goes without question that we all need to have an education to form the basis of our professional life, so we are able to develop a solid platform for the future. There are many different industries we prepare for through various qualifications and academic courses, but what if we decide to pursue the actual field of education itself as a career? This was a path, and journey, that I (now a tutor at Regent Learning Centre) decided to embark on.

Education, through my 10 years of experience in the industry, as a member of the Regent Learning Centre (a centre for tuitions in GCSE and A Level subjects) team, is a demanding but rewarding endeavour that requires utmost dedication. It was through the experiences that I gained at  Regent  as a student that this was evident. When I first enrolled, to receive supplementary tuition, I came across a teaching team that was unlike any other that I have experienced before – a team that is based on a firm, but friendly and interactive teaching style, with a contagious passion that eventually enabled me to develop an interest in the subjects that I was studying.

As the years went by, not only did this enhance my understanding of each subject area, but also my sense of character as well. It was from this experience that I understood what education was about – it is not just helping to solve particular issues within each subject area, but it is also a means of providing knowledge and wisdom to the next generation. This is so that they can choose what subject they are interested in and, ultimately, what they would like to pursue for their future.

This approach to education enabled me to advance at Regent, from a student to an employee, and finally a teacher, hence completing the circle. Through this journey, it was clear to me that providing an education to others was my path, which appealed to me on a personal level. There is an intangible feeling that I get when a student that I have taught for several years attains a commendable level of success that was planned and worked hard towards. Although the academic years change, the focus and passion towards helping the students remains the same.

So, what do we focus on at the Regent Learning Centre? If we were to look into some examples, from a subject by subject perspective:

– Understanding the students’ strengths and weaknesses through the tuitions they attend in the evenings, weekends and holidays

– Not just identifying the issues within each topic, but effectively  coming up with solutions to those problems

– Maintaining communication between parents and teachers, to ensure that there is an understanding of how the students are performing; although we have standard termly progress reports, my  thinking is that we should not wait until those reports are due to notify of any issues

From the experiences I gained as a student, all the way to becoming a teacher, I intend to provide the same level of commitment and enthusiasm for the new generation of students at the Regent Learning Centre, with a fundamental ethos that we are preparing them today, for a better tomorrow.

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RLC June newsletter

As the academic year speedily reaches its conclusion and our thoughts turn to the summer
holidays, it is an apt time to perhaps reflect on some of the successes we have seen this year
at Regent. One of the emotions that I witness over the year is the growing confidence of our
students. As teachers, it is so satisfying when students give a look that says, ‘Got it!’ or they
come out of the exam hall with smile on their face and when you ask, ‘How did it go?’ they
reply, ‘It was alright.’

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RLC April Newsletter

If your son or daughter is just finishing school and
looking to explore alternatives to traditional education
then an apprenticeship may just be for them. Regent
Skills Training is the newest division of Regent Group
in which we offer Level 2 and Level 3 apprenticeships.

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